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Automatically schedule shifts in your restaurant!

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Restaurant Scheduling Software

VictorSchedule is restaurant scheduling software that will automatically build your schedules no matter how complex or dynamic the scheduling environment. You can define qualifications for who can touch the cash registers, who can close the restaurant, or any other special qualification, and then use these qualifications to define your shifts. VictorSchedule makes it easy to enter in people's availability, allowing you to specify both a 'default' availability as well as periodic or shorter-lived availability restrictions. VictorSchedule also makes it easy to identify people to fill in on short notice when someone doesn't show or has a last minute cancellation. You can also specify scheduling templates, and use those templates to rapidly build future schedules. You will be amazed at the power and flexibility of VictorSchedule. To see some real-life examples of how VictorSchedule makes restaurant scheduling easier, download a PDF case study for a full service or quick service restaurant.

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