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Automatically schedule nursing shifts with VictorSchedule!

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Nurse Scheduling Software

VictorSchedule can schedule nurses, hospital staff, and lab personnel easily. Simply define the qualifications needed for each shift, and VictorSchedule takes care of the rest. The qualification system that VictorSchedule uses is extremely flexible and completely customizable as well. VictorSchedule keeps tracks of the number of shifts or hours scheduled, and it can ensure that required off-duty periods are met. As staff comes and goes, you don't have to redefine your entire schedule, either. Simply give the new person the appropriate qualifications and usage preferences, and VictorSchedule will automatically incorporate them into future schedule builds. When it comes time to publish schedules, you can email them, publish them online, or simply print the schedules at the click of a button. For your nursing scheduling needs, VictorSchedule is the solution!

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